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A beautiful, entertaining magazine for everyone, including hard-to-reach frontline staff.

Editorial, branding, design and print


The challenge

OCS is an international business with more than 85,000 colleagues operating across a large number of markets and sectors. As a result, the business had a significant challenge in not only reaching frontline staff, but also keeping colleagues up to date with business news.

What we did

We worked hand-in-hand with OCS to develop and launch a new employee comms magazine. The magazine was designed from the ground up to celebrate the great work done across the business, educate colleagues about the diversity of the international business, engender pride in the organisation and break down silos.

The articles are written in a non-corporate, accessible style. The design of the magazine leads with big images and infographics that help breakdown language and cultural barriers.

Success feature spread

Success feature spread

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The outcome

The new magazine has been warmly welcomed across the business.

Shan Chatoo, Group Head of Corporate Communications, said:


“Our global internal audience is 90% front line, often working in disparate parts of the business on customer sites. We needed to tell the OCS story and answer the question: ‘What do we do?’ in a way that resonated with our target audience. Returning to a more traditional method of communication and developing content from the ground up gave it less of a corporate feel and kept the articles about the people.

Ultimately, we wanted to show our teams that there were other teams doing the same jobs as them in a completely different part of the world and give them a sense of pride in the work they do. We had lots of positive feedback following the launch from across the organisation but the comment that resonates for me was ‘I didn’t know that about OCS’. Success!”


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