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Product-first training for frontline staff.

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The challenge

Despite being responsible for selling a huge range of items in store, not many Dixons Carphone colleagues actually get to spend hands-on time with a product to really understand it. A learning campaign on TV streaming boxes provided the perfect opportunity to change this.

What we did

We worked with a supplier to provide every single Currys PC World store with their very own streaming box. We encouraged each store to setup their box in the staff room and have screening parties, so that every colleague would get the opportunity to see it in action. To follow the concept through, we positioned the learning content as a TV Guide, and even included some microwave popcorn!

Promotional box with Smart TV accessory

Promotional box with Smart TV accessory

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The outcome

Putting the products into the hands of the colleagues was the first step towards building in-store advocates, who can speak with authority and sincerity to their customer about their experience with the product. This approach has since been mirrored across other learning campaigns, to create testers and champions for a range of different products.


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