Dixons Carphone Content Workshop.


Creating great content isn’t rocket science. Our copy workshop built the foundations for rock-solid writing.

Learning and development


The challenge

Dixons Carphone’s field trainers are some of the best in the business. Their product-specific knowledge and training skills are unmatched. Unfortunately, their great training is often only passed on to colleagues who happen to work within a trainer’s specific region. We worked with Dixons Carphone to change this.

What we did

To help pass on field trainers’ knowledge, they were asked to generate their own learning modules for the company’s Learning Management System. To make sure that each of the trainers delivered amazing learning-focused copy, Headlines was charged with creating a Content Workshop – a day’s training for all field trainers to get them writing incredible copy. The day explained why clear communication is essential and then moved onto how anyone can plan for writing successful copy. Finally, we divulged some of our best tricks of the trade and why ‘less is more’ is the most important concept for anyone writing digital copy. 

Give us one day and we’ll give you great content creators.png

The outcome

All attendees left the Content Workshop confident and prepared to create learning content. The learning modules created by the field trainers helped spread their niche knowledge to the wider business – all creating concise, compelling and creative content. 


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