Meet the team.

 Monika is a dynamic, multi-lingual marketing and communications specialist with more than 12 years of agency experience in local and international marketing.  As Managing Director, Monika is responsible for leading the client services team, account management and commercial teams – overseeing business development, project planning, project delivery, and coordinating with other Headlines departments and clients to ensure project success.  Her favourite pastime is exploring life through her two year old’s eyes, swimming, playing tennis, travelling and visiting new spas.

Peter Handford,
Managing Director.

Enjoys all of the classic ‘sitting down’ activities: reading, cinema, video games, the pub (assuming you’ve got a seat, if not you leave).

Dislikes: standing up.


Peter Bennett,
Head of Editorial.

Pete’s the best singer in the office and kind of a tastemaker at Headlines, what he says usually goes.


Megan Jones,
Lead Designer.

As well as being a keen lover of horror films, Megan has a weakness for gaming and city breaks to Amsterdam.


Susan Kiddy,
Managing Editor.

Sue loves making the unreadable, readable, and hanging out with her cute dog, Skye.


Chris Keller,
Senior Designer.

Always likes his TV volume on even numbers. Gets annoyed when people don’t set their microwave or oven clocks.


Bethany Waters,
Creative Designer.

According to Beth, life is better upside down. Which is why you can find her working on her aerial fitness in her spare time.


Monika Beniusiene,
Managing Director.

Originally from Lithuania, living in UK for the last 14 years, the only person in the office with a funny accent so we always know when she is on the phone.


Brian Amey,
Lead Designer.

Brian's ‘unique’ taste in music means we’re never short of a daily soundtrack in the office.


David Gale,

Likes telling stories, breaking news, long walks, spicy food, rollercoasters, laughing, in flight meals, late night movies, music, stressing over football matches and being a dad.

Dislikes litterbugs and politicians.


Matthew Johnson,
Managing Editor.

Matt is a film fanatic, with a particular fondness for sci-fi, comedy and British cinema.


Amy Honeywell,
Senior Journalist.

Taller and louder than you’d expect, Amy likes reading and discussing where her bruises came from …

… it’s rock climbing.


Jo Crow,
Finance Manager.

Jo started in our humble office in Winslow and has been our finance guru ever since.


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