Employee engagement.


Internal communications is just one key part of creating a culture of positive engagement; a place where people feel fulfilled and happy in their jobs, understand the company direction and know how they can give their best every single day towards a shared vision of success. 

We are skilled at creating all types of collateral to build better employee relations and helping you create workplaces that your people are excited about.

Our experience includes conducting research, focus groups and surveys, to creating strategic narratives that give colleagues something powerful to believe in.  

Once the narrative is complete, we are skilled at creating communications tools to inform and inspire your workforce, including manager toolkits that give senior leaders the tools they need to effectively communicate with and engage their people.



Branding and visual identity


Your brand and visual identity are like DNA – it’s why you are different to everybody else, it makes your audience sit up and take notice of you.

Whether you need branding for your whole business or just for an internal programme or project, we can bring your business to life in a way that will demand attention and keep you front of mind for your intended audience.

We specialise in logos and visual identity, brand guidelines and tone of voice – helping you a create a unique and consistent voice across your whole business. 

Research, surveys and focus groups


Our approach is always audience first. If you don’t understand the audience you want to engage, you are doomed to failure.

You need to know who they are, what they love, what they hate, the little routines that make up their daily lives and – most importantly – how they communicate with each other, and the tools they use to do it.

We offer a range of services to help you get closer to your audience and make your content strategy more targeted and effective, including surveys, research, focus groups and face-to-face interviews, depending on the scale of what you need us to do for you.

Adopting an audience-first approach to your comms will instantly raise your game, because you will know – with confidence – that your content will be welcomed by the people that you are trying to engage.  

Empowering your managers to succeed


When it comes to employee engagement, the key is getting your managers and team leaders on board. It can’t be led by executives at the top, especially when you have thousands of employees, so getting your line managers – the people that lead and inspire your workforce – to buy in to your vision is critical.

But you can’t expect them to go off and do it alone. It is important to give your managers the right tools to be successful in communicating with and engaging their colleagues.

We can work with you to provide a variety of solutions, including:

Manager toolkits – depending on what kind of engagement you are hoping to achieve, we can create induction materials, recognition tools and how-to guides to take the pain away from your managers and also ensure a consistent approach to engagement across your business.  

Training – which can be delivered on or off site. We can also create e-learning solutions if your workforce is too busy or geographically disparate.

Internal communication tools – IC isn’t just for communications teams, it is important that all levels of employees in your business can understand and use your channels effectively. We can create channel guidelines to help ensure they are used properly and become a force for positive engagement throughout your organisation.